Free snowflake template and pattern used to make snowflake Christmas tree ornaments

How to Make Paper Snowflakes & Ornaments Using Doilies

How to make the prettiest paper snowflakes to decorate your home for the holidays using paper doilies that you can buy at the grocery, craft or dollar store. Making paper snowflakes is even easier when you use these free snowflake cutting templates and patterns.

Free snowflake template and pattern used to make snowflake Christmas tree ornaments

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the first thing I do before anything else is to decide how I want to decorate the house for Christmas.

I like to change my holiday decor up from year to year and usually do this with a color scheme. I usually come up with this scheme in early November after thinking about a few colors until finalizing it. I have gone from traditional red and green one year to pastels another and this year – it is all about cedar green, white and silver.

paper snowflake designs cut into paper doilies that make the prettiest Christmas tree ornaments

This year I am also keeping my decorating simple, yet festive, using nature as my inspiration.

I also am using one of my favorite paper products to help me decorate.

Did you know that round paper doilies make the prettiest paper snowflakes?

The best way to make pretty paper snowflakes

If you use the 6″ diameter size, they also make festive Christmas tree ornaments.

A few quick snips with the tips of a small pair of scissors is all it takes to make a paper snowflake.

How to make a pretty paper snowflakes using round doilies.

When you use a paper doily, the snowflakes come out even prettier than a basic paper snowflake. I used a few different styles of 6″ round doilies to make each snowflake hanging on my tree unique.

Paper Snowflakes hanging on a Christmas tree made using paper doilies

I decided to use them exclusively on my Christmas tree this year.

I thought I might miss using some of my favorite tree ornaments on my tree, but I found an alternative. I simply chose the ones I love and have the most meaning for me and placed them in a wooden bowl on my coffee table. This keeps them in view and still part of my Christmas decor.

How to Make Paper Snowflakes Using Doilies

Using round paper doilies saves you a step when making snowflakes since they are already round. Less cutting is needed. They also make prettier snowflakes since they already come with decorative cut-outs around the edges and some even have embossed designs.

Note: The paper folding and cutting snowflake making steps are the same no matter what size round paper doily you use. So you can make any size snowflake you want.

supplies needed: RESOURCES listed at the end of this post.

  • 6″ round paper doilies
  • Paper Snowflake Patterns Cheat Sheet – download link below
  • Small scissors
  • Iron, white cloth and ironing board
  • Ornament hangers
  • Optional: 10mm silver beads, spray glue and glitter

Free Paper Snowflake Making Patterns

The video below will teach you how to fold a doily. The next thing you will need to make snowflakes is to cut a pattern into the folded paper.

I made a pattern cheat sheet below which you can print out and always keep handy.

Paper Snowflake pattern cheat sheet

If you would like more designs, check out Pinterest for paper snowflake making patterns. There are literally hundreds of shapes and designs you can create.


How To Video: How to Fold Paper Doily, Cut and Make a Snowflake

This short video will show you all you need to do to make the snowflakes. When first making them, you may want to lightly draw the pattern on the folded doily to get used to how to need to cut them. After making a few, you will find you may not need to draw the pattern and can simply cut by following the basic cut pattern on the cheat sheet as I do in the video.

  1. Fold doily into a triangular shape.
  2. Place folded doily on work surface with the pointed side up.
  3. Draw or trace one of the pattern’s above on top of folded doily.
  4. Cut along the dotted lines.
  5. Unfold

How to Make Snowflakes into Tree Ornaments

Once you have made a snowflake, unfold it. To turn it into an ornament, first lay it out flat on an ironing board. Then cover it with a thin white cloth ( I used a linen napkin) and press to flatten the cut doily.

Next, simply punch a small hole into the top of the snowflake and attach an ornament hook.

How to decorate a Christmas tree using handmade paper snowflakes made from doilies.

Optional Finishing Touch: Spray a light coat of spray glue over the paper snowflakes and then sprinkle glitter over them. Gently shake and let dry.

The best way to make pretty paper snowflakes

If you like the look of the snowflakes, but don’t want to make them yourself, you can buy small card stock or tissue paper snowflakes at a party store or on Amazon. I used a few of these on my tree to vary the designs on the tree.

The snowflake in the upper right corner is a tissue paper snowflake I bought. It comes in a pack of 25. The one in the upper left is made of card stock and comes in a pack of 10.

Other Ways To Use Doilies For the Holidays

I like using doilies to decorate my house. They have many uses besides as a liner for baked goods. They are a fast and easy DIY to do that is very budget friendly and when the holidays are over, easy to take down.

I have used them to:

Christmas tree with white lights decorated with handmade paper doily snowflakes

I also decided to buy an artificial tree this year for a few reasons, but the main one was so we could keep it up longer without worrying about it drying out.

easy paper snowflakes to make using paper doilies. They make festive Christmas tree ornaments.

I like the sparser style tree style that is becoming more popular and decided to go for one.

I ordered it from Home Depot and was sent two in different heights. When I called their Customer Service to find out why and to see if I was charged twice, I was told no. I was also told, Merry Christmas… to keep the second tree since it was their mistake. 🙂

It is on the other side of my living room. I will show it to you in my next post.

Where to Find RESOURCES:

Want to learn how to make a “very cute” paper snowflake? I saw this Reindeer pattern paper snowflake over on Etsy. I loved it and thought you would too.

How to make pretty and very easy paper snowflakes using paper doilies. Video tutorial and free printable .pdf cheat sheet.

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