A Countdown of the Most Pinned Home Photos of the Year

Some of the best sources of home decor inspiration are the real-life homes seen in Apartment Therapy house tours. Not only are they full of beautiful rooms, they often have tons of genius hacks, DIY projects, and other ideas. Not surprisingly, many readers enjoy pinning the inspiring photos from our tours to their Pinterest boards. Curious to know which images were pinned the most this year? The photographs in this post represent the most pinned house tour photos of the year… did any of your favorites make the list?

10. This studio apartment’s charming living area

Naimah had to be selective about what she brought into her 370-square-foot apartment. She wanted to display things that were reminders of her travels and family—plus lots of her favorite books—without making the space feel too cluttered. She obviously did a great job, because this photo from her living area was pinned often enough to make this list!

9. An Airstream’s gorgeous kitchen

Elyse DeLisle and Amanda Goelz‘s 240-square-foot home was no doubt popular with pinners for two very specific reasons: It’s an RV… and a beautiful one! Even if you don’t have your eyes on #RVlife, it’s still an inspiring space.

8. The Marvelous Mavis RV

Fern the Bus also makes this list of most-pinned house tour photos, likely due to it being so darn lovely. Cool gray colors and soft wood textures define this small, 24-foot bus’ decor. And even more impressive? They share this home-on-wheels with a baby!

6. This studio apartment with great ideas

Small studio apartments continue to be a popular source of inspiration for fans of Apartment Therapy, and this 310-square-foot one not only looks lovely, but also contains lots of smart small-space tips and even some plant-displaying ideas.

5. This colorfully eclectic home

4. Hilton Carter’s plant-filled home

Plants are a favorite element in home decor for Apartment Therapy readers, so of course our very own plant guru Hilton Carter’s home tour would make this countdown list. FULL of fun plant-displaying ideas, this little propagation station in a hallway is just one example of the great ideas in his home.

3. A UK home that doesn’t take design too seriously

2. One seriously serene bedroom

1. This minimal Montreal apartment

I’m not sure exactly what it is about this Montreal apartment, but it’s one of my favorite homes of the year (maybe even of the decade?). The color palette, interesting shapes, art collection, and gorgeous architecture all just combine to create one singularly beautiful space that’s clearly been inspiring to more than just me!

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